Moisture Issues - Mold

Without properly installed HVAC systems all basements would have mold issues. While a properly sized and working HVAC system helps keep humidity levels in check, many do not remove enough moisture to prevent conditions which allow mold to flourish. Once developed, mold spores become airborne and are sucked into the HVAC system. Once this happens potentially hazardous mold spores and their toxins begin circulating throughout the home.

To prevent the return of mold after all spores have been eliminated from your home via our ozone generator, Mold Solutions will install a permanent de-humidifier in your basement. Install includes an isolated circuit for trouble free electricity.


Worse Than You Might Think

Until the HVAC system is running, any basement will experience excessive, mold producing moisture.

New Construction Basements Are Particularly Vulnerable:

1. Until the roof is on, sub-floors, joists, basements, EVERYTHING gets soaked each time it rains during construction. From the basement, inspect the floor joists above. Nearly every new home will have mold growing on the floor joists. If no mold has yet to develop, check the moisture content of the wood......typical readings will indicate a prime environment for mold spores to develop and rapidly multiply.

2. New homes are typically so well sealed that the moisture accumulated during the build has no where to go! Mold Solutions' process kills this mold then we spray-treat the dead, visible mold. Our treatment is done after the HVAC is running. Our professionally installed dehumidifier systems prevent moisture levels from again reaching critical levels.