Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew are both moisture thriving fungi that can be toxic if inhaled. Both are born, amplify and grow in moist environments. 

Like mildew, mold grows from some sort of water source which includes building materials with a high moisture content due to rain water absorption during construction. Mold spores will attach themselves to these building materials and use them as a food source. If you do not act quickly in removing this mold it will rapidly produce a natural defense called myotoxins. Once the mold creates this defense system it is now considered Toxic Mold which can cause harmful if not fatal health issues. A lot of times basement and house mold grows in older construction because of high humidity. During inspections an inspector will always focus on high humidity areas to find the source of the mold. The challenge after finding the source of the fungi is in cleaning and removing it correctly.

Our Ozone Advantage

"Mold, bacteria, mildew and fungus are killed by exposure to as little as 300 parts per billion of ozone." - Societe Generale de Surveillance

Mold Solutions' Ozone Unit generates 3,000 parts per billion in a typical household environment! Our treatment involves flooding the entire structure with up to 10 times the amount of ozone required to effectively eliminate all fungi and their toxins from your home.

"Ecoli is killed by high ozone shock treatments..." - Penn State University

"Allergies.....60% are caused by mold." - World Health Organization

Besides the clear advantage to using Ozone Gas to rid your living environment of all fungi-based toxins, odors caused by cigarette smoke, pets, fire damage as well as most other organic odors can be removed very effectively by using high ozone shock treatments.